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About Basenjis

Basenjis originate from Central Africa where they were first bred as hunting dogs. This makes them well adapted to the heat, as well as very active. The basenji is a loyal animal who will bond very closely to his/her owners, making them incredible pets that truly connect with their owners.

Basenjis are self reliant at their core. Compared to most short haired dogs, basenjis hardly shed. They also tend to their own fur, ensuring that they never look (or smell) dirty, without the need of any baths. This makes Basenjis great for city and apartment living as long as they are given plenty of walks and exercise. 


Basenjis are also known as "the barkless dogs" because of their flat larynxes which don't allow them to bark in the traditional manner. Instead, a basenji's "bark" comes out as more of a yodel.

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